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Specialized Readings in Relationships, Career, Life Styles, Quantum Wave Stress Reduction & Rejuvenation

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Within each of us is a mixture of influences that affects our life. There is the urge toward awaking and enlightenment. There is a trend in the direction of inertia and unknowing. To overcome inertia and restlessness you can learn to intentionally flow with the urge toward awakening. Continually remind yourself that you are an expression of the Infinite. Direct your attention to the highest of which you can conceive and gradually,destructive influences vanish.Superior divine influences dominate your thoughts ,feelings, and actions. Your life will reflect this state accordingly.

What is Quantum Wave Stress Reduction & Rejuvenation?
photo of KristinaQuantum Wave is a Drug Free, Painless, low level light therapy using Scalar Wave Technology for Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Anti-aging. It is FDA registered and approved for over the counter use. This revolutionary non linear approach to quantum wellness is based on the proven science of the energy which surrounds the body. The Scalar Wave Light tool is used to donate photons of energy for stress reduction, anti-aging and rejuvenation. It is Drug Free and Painless. Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Light Workers, Spiritual Intuitives, Naturopaths and thousands of home users are committed to helping mankind benefit from this amazing technology. Sessions run from 20 minutes to 40 minutes to acquire your specific results.

What is a Psychic Angelic Reading?
Angel A "reading" is an intuitive "tuning in" to the spiritual realms on behalf of a person who is seeking guidance, healing, or connection with loved ones who have passed. A reading sometimes uses Angel and/or Tarot cards but it is not always necessary. Kristina channels her angels and guides to advise you during your session. When using the cards there is no mistake that the card or deck that is chosen is linked to the important information that the individual is seeking. The client is asked to choose a deck of cards that has been shuffled and laid out in order to answer the questions that we are seeking. It is no mistake the card deck that an individual chooses because it is linked to important information that the individuals spirit/soul is seeking or needing. We All have the ability to "tune in" once we have cleared our spiritual channels and developed our spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Goddess Drawing My specific gifts are grounded in spirit and spiritual nature. The readings I give are usually around areas in your life that need healing. I open the pure intention of being a clear channel of Gods Grace and allow it to flow through me on behalf of your souls needs. We enter a sacred space together and commune with the spiritual realms of the Angels and Spiritual Guides.

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